All The Rage Course

Do you worry that your anger will forever impact your child?

Do you feel like no one listens to you unless you raise your voice?

 Do you fear that you are ruining your bond with your child?

Do you often feel regret for how you respond to your child?


 Just because you're having these feelings creep in after you’ve lost your temper with your child, doesn't mean you're stuck there. There's a way out.

We've created a proven 3 step method to repair after you've lost your cool. When you apply these steps, you will feel proud of how you parent and maintain a deep connection with your child.


In this masterclass, you'll learn:

 What it actually takes to maintain a strong and lasting bond

✔︎ Tools to confidently handle situations that have escalated 

✔︎ How to put this fail-proof strategy into action

✔︎ And so much more!

Here's How it Works

Attend our Repair Masterclass 
Apply the 3 step method to repair
Maintain a deep connection with your child

At Mom Freely, we know that you want to have a strong connection with your child.

You feel immense pressure to stay calm and peaceful even in the toughest, most triggering moments. And when you fall short, you often beat yourself up and feel ashamed.

We know you want to break cycles and do things differently for your children…but that can be hard when you don’t feel like you are equipped with the skills you need. 

When you apply the three steps we'll cover in our live masterclass, you will feel more confident about parenting in these tough moments and maintaining a deep connection with your child.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Enroll in our Repair Masterclass today, so you can stop the pattern that hurts your relationship and feel better equipped to handle tough situations in a way that protects your bond.